Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Special lunch box notes

Yesterday I read a post on one of my most favorite blogs ("Savory Sweet Life") that made me think I should start adding these simple touches in my daughter's lunch boxes...
I have done it before with a Post-It note or with a little sticker, nothing fancy. On all occasions my daughter mentioned how much she enjoyed it once she got home from school.. Being the girly girl she is, I am sure today's lunch will be a hit:

Here is the inspirational photo from Savory Sweet Life post:

And, here is what I did on my daughter's obento today:

A simple sprig of mint with a nasturtium from the garden and some ribbon ties for the Nutella sandwich. I hope she likes it! 


  1. Akiko, you pack such a loving lunch! Your daughter must be so excited to open her bento. So glad Armi connected us!

  2. Thank you so much, Azusa. I hope one day Armi will get us to meet in person! I love your blog and plan on trying many recipes from it!